|MFA Trophies Lounge

Each membership card is valid for one football season, which normally lasts from the month of July until the month of June of the following year.

NO, the card is not personalised and is therefore transferrable. However, the buyer and original owner of the card will always be kept responsible for any mis-behaviour or illicit activity by any person making use of the card. (Pls refer to the full T&Cs of use)

Yes, anyone who buys The Card will own a seat in the stadium sector restricted for use by the card holders and be entitled to make use of his seat and the adjacent hospitality amenities on the occasion of any match going on at the National Stadium. By any match we mean any match from one of the domestic competitions or any match involving our national team/s.

No. For a card holder to exercise his right to make use of his seat to watch an ongoing match, s/he would pnly be required to present his Membership Card at the entrance leading to the specified area. It is however to be noted that the TROPHIES LOUNGE Membership Card does not entitle the holder to have access to any other sector of the stadium.

It is only the holders of a TROPHIES LOUNGE Membership Card who are allowed access to the specified area on match-days. However, any person, including The Card Holders, can make use of the Trophies Lounge on any other day and time when there are no matches being played at the National Stadium. The MFA may however from time to time issue instructions on whether The Card would be valid to entitle the holder to access the area when non-football activities might be taking place.

A Card Holder can invite guests to accompany him/her at the Trophies Lounge. However a Match-Day ticket for each accompanying person would be required. A Card Holder can purchase Match-Day ticket/s for his/her guest/s at a Discounted Rate of €10 instead of the Standard €15 charge.